Vision & Mission


"Sacred Heart Institute of Management and Technology aims at training Management and Information Technology Professionals of high caliber, committed to excellence in their professional and personal endeavors as also to service of the society. Our focus is on providing facilities for professional and technical education primarily to the youth of Sitapur and neighboring districts of Uttar Pradesh, which are devoid of such facilities. We strive to form leaders who are technically and professionally competent, physically healthy and socially acceptable who will champion the cause of justice, love truth and peace. Our motto is “Excellence and Commitment”. Professional excellence and personal commitment to one’s ideals and duties will lead our students to ever-higher limits of success and fulfillment "


1. Giving our students the best possible professional and technical training.
2. Providing our students with the most modern lab and other training facilities.
3. Instilling in our students a stable work culture that will give them confidence to take up any professional or managerial responsibilities
4. Bringing our students to contact with Industry and I.T profession so that they may well be aware of the current trends and innovations
5. Involving our students in artistic, cultural and sports activities through co-curricular activities.
6. Helping them to attain emotional and personal maturity through guidance and counseling.
7. Encouraging our students to participate in social reconstruction programmes in the villages making use of their professional and technical skills